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Recommended Computers for Culverhouse Students

A reliable computer running Microsoft Windows 10 or later is required in order for students to have a device that is compatible with the software and systems used within the Culverhouse College of Business.

Students may rely on the Bashinsky Computer Center for their computing needs or they may purchase their own laptop or desktop.

A personally owned Windows based laptop is highly recommended as it will provide the student with the most flexible and convenient solution.

The best piece of advice for purchasing a notebook computer is to spend as much as you can reasonably afford up front.

You should focus your spending on the fastest processor (at least an i5), the most memory (at least 16GB), and the largest hard drive (at least 256GB).

Spending money to buy a better video card can also provide you with better performance but may not be worth it for you. SSD drives are typically smaller capacity than traditional drives but offer very good performance and reliability.

Linux, Apple OS X, iOS, Chrome, and Android devices are not compatible with many of the software products in use within Culverhouse.


  • The Culverhouse College of Business has selected Dell Computers and makes extensive use of their products.
  • Dell computers can be purchased with Accidental Damage coverage. This may be worth the cost if you are particularly hard on your equipment.
  • The version of EXCEL that Windows runs is capable of running macros. These won’t run on the Mac version of Excel.  The macros are used primarily in finance courses.
  • The University now provides students with access to Office 365.
  • A 13″ screen would be the minimum size we would recommend.  A 15″ screen is going to make for a larger and heavier computer but it will arguably be better for typing papers and using spreadsheets.
  • The University does not provide support, maintenance, and repair services for personally owned devices. Students are expected to work directly with the reseller and manufacturer of their devices.

Purchasing a Dell

On Campus:

PC Laptops | University of Alabama Supply Store (